Wayfarer Comics

I'm Billy Hogan and this is the online source for my artwork, from art commissions to webcomics!


Here are samples of the various art works I’ve done.

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The logo for this website, created using the graphic program Inkscape.


Ink and color marker logo.


Ink and gray marker using photo reference.


Pencil drawing of the Roman Emperor Caracalla using a photo reference from my college art history textbook. the bust had a crack across the brow of the bust, so I incorporated it into the drawing as a facial scar.


Pencil drawing of a young woman using photo reference.


Ink drawing of a golfer done using photo reference, printed on green paper for a calendar.


Ink drawing of manatees and divers created by using separate photo references to compose the drawing. Printed on green paper for a calendar.

Willy Dunce aka Dirty Rat, part time pizza delivery guy and part time crimefighter. His challenge: how to keep the city safe and still get your pizza delivered in 20 minutes.